Ways to Show Gratitude


Person writing a thank you note

Since Thanksgiving is at the end of November, you have a whole month to express your gratitude. Think about your friends and family and how they’ve impacted your lives then consider how you can give thanks and express gratitude. In this week’s Canyon Park Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on ways you can show your gratitude.


Write a Letter

In the days of emails and instant messaging, writing a letter can seem old-fashioned and a waste of time, but it’s a great way of showing thanks. Before you start writing, think of someone that you wish to thank and list out the reasons why you wish to thank them. As you write, be genuine and heartfelt. Expressing emotions through writing can be difficult, so use specific language and experiences to enhance the impact of your letter. If you’re writing to a friend or family member living far from you, mail the letter! If they live close by, you can attach the letter to a small gift and give it to them personally.


A Gratitude Journal

Do you forget things often? We suggest keeping a gratitude journal to take note of things that you are grateful for. You can write one thing per day or work your way up to writing two or three. Don’t feel pressured to write down deep thoughts or huge blessings. Writing in a gratitude journal can help you see the little things to be thankful for in your life.


Small Gifts

Some people are appreciative of words of thanks, but others respond better to gifts! Getting small gifts can show your friends and family how much you mean to them through a thoughtful selection of said gifts. These gifts don’t need to be extravagant, but significant enough that they feel appreciated!


Do you have any ways you like to show gratitude? Let our Puyallup, WA apartment community know by leaving a comment!