Ways to Warm Up during a Cold Day

mugs and a blanket in front of a fire

When the weather gets cold, you’re going to need some way to warm up so you’re not miserable. In this week’s Canyon Park Apartments Blog, we’ve compiled a few ways that you can warm up during a chilly day for you to try! Don’t get caught in the cold or put yourself in a situation to catch a cold.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee

The most common way to warm up, having a mug of hot chocolate can be a nice treat to get away from the cold. Whether you’re buying a cup from your local Starbucks or making some yourself, you can shirk the chills by drinking these and warming you from the inside out. An additional benefit of warm drinks is the cozy feeling that comes with the nostalgia of your favorite seasonal drinks.

More Blankets

If you’re at home watching some television or reading a book, the cold can creep in while you’re being static. We suggest putting out additional blankets that you can easily grab when you’re doing those activities. Keep warm by wrapping yourself in the comfort of a thick blanket to avoid the cold weather.


Much like a blanket, a sweater can be your individual body warmer. Invest in a thicker, big sweater than you can pull over your other clothes. Layering allows your body to retain warmth without having to expend extra energy.

A Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is a good way to relax. Immersing yourself in hot, bubbly water fights off the chills — but don’t let the water get cold! The worst part of a hot bath is dreading getting out into the cold bathroom! Keep a heater or a warm towel ready nearby.

Don’t let the cold get you down. We hope you enjoyed these tips for warming up during the cooler days. If you’ve got some tips that you do, leave a comment for our Puyallup, WA apartment community!