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Variants to Scrabble for National Scrabble Day

a pile of Scrabble tiles

Did you know that this April 13th, which is coming up this week, is National Scrabble Day? This year marks the 81st year that this popular board game has been in circulation. While we suspect you all are familiar with this classic family game, Canyon Park Apartments Blog would like to share with you two variations of the traditional rules! Whether one of these methods of play sounds enjoyable to you or not, we hope you get a chance to play Scrabble in your Puyallup, WA apartment this Saturday, or any other day this month.


For this game, you’ll leave the board out and simply use the Scrabble tiles.

  1. Place all tiles face-down in the center of the playing space. Each player takes a turn flipping over a single tile. Other than flipping the tiles, the game doesn’t have turns.

  2. When a player sees a word that would be valid in a typical game of Scrabble (three letters or more and no proper nouns), they call the word out, take those specific tiles, and place it in front of themselves. Any player can do this at any time.

  3. There are three ways the player can make words:

    1. take three or more uncovered and unused tiles from the middle to create a whole word;

    2. identify a new word that can be made using a combination of any existing words on the table and one or more new letters from the middle. This can be any existing word on the table, not just a word in front of that specific player;

    3. take two or more existing words from the table plus at least one new tile from the middle and create a brand new word

  4. When all tiles are used, each player adds up their points according to the number assigned to each tile. The player with the most points wins!

Take Two

This game is also played with Scrabble tiles only and no game board.

  1. Place all tiles face-down in the center of the playing space. Each player takes seven tiles to begin and places the tiles face-up in front of them.

  2. With these seven starting tiles, each player creates their own individual scrabble grid in front of them. There is no adding to anyone else’s grid. All players add words to their respective grids simultaneously; there are no turns.

  3. When a player has finished using all of their face-up tiles, they shout “take two,” and each player must take two new tiles. Players continue in this fashion until all face-down tiles are taken, and until the first player finishes their grid.

  4. At this point, each player adds up the point value of each word. For any face-up tiles a player has that they did not use, that player must subtract the point values assigned to those specific tiles from their total score. The player with the most points wins!

Looking for more games to play? Check out this Wikipedia page of Scrabble variants!