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Take Time for Yourself at Canyon Park

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives tends to wear us down, whether we work for the proverbial man, or for ourselves. Every day, in our South Hill, Washington apartments, we wake up, get up, and keep up all day. So, today its time to take a page out of Frankies book, and relax! You might find yourself at a loss as to what this alien concept of relaxation is. It might have been so long since you experienced it that you have no idea where to begin! Well, thats where I come in. First of all, relaxing can be as simple as doing whatever makes you feel good rather than what you should, or have to do. Perhaps its time to re-discover your own neighborhood. You could have the most amazingly relaxing day of your life, without traveling more than ten minutes from home. Begin with a scrumptious breakfast from your local Starbucks, or Perkys, theyre right around the corner! You could walk, and enjoy some fresh air and light exercise while youre at it. Its always nice to walk after youve eaten because it helps digestion! Now that youve started your relaxing day off the right way, you could take a nice, hot yoga class to sweat out your stress. These classes get rave reviews for their ability to assist weight loss, soothe arthritis, and lower blood pressure, among many other great health benefits. Who doesnt love that?! You also might benefit from a walk in South Hill Park, or visiting your friendly Jade Mountain Nursery! Pick up some flower petals while you are out. Drop by Yummers for a scrumptious cupcake or Elements Frozen Yogurt for an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a Red Bull Original Tart! When you get home, pour yourself a luxurious bubble bath. Throw in the flower petals from the nursery and settle in with your favorite beverage. Order dinner in, and then take your pick of your favorite alone activities like reading, watching a movie, or even coloring in a coloring book, if that strikes your fancy! Take a day to remind yourself why its not just great to be alive but alive in your fantastic Puyallup, Washington apartments!