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Staying Cool Near Canyon Park

Were on the cusp of a warmer time of year, and a few rare, temperate days have begun to make an appearance. Weve missed them so much through the rainy day season outside of our apartments in Puyallup WA. If you have begun to crave some summery excursions, then you should check the weather forecast for the next sun-kissed day! When it heats up, its a great time to head over to your local Wild Waves theme park for some summer-style fun! When you plan your visit to WildWaves, you should try to take full advantage of all that that the park has to offer. Spend some time at Pirates Cove, where you will find Captain Hooks Lagoon, an array of water slides, cool and warm pools, and the Raging River ride! This area also offers several options for edible replenishment, as well as a beer garden. If youve chosen to visit on a particularly sunny day, then you can rent a cabana to retreat into shade whenever you like. Another section of this park is Waterslide Alley, where you will definitely not want to forget your swimming attire. Its a literal gamut of adult waterslides where you must be at least 42 to partake. Take a trip down Zooma Falls, the Riptide, or all of the Konga Slides. For a more relaxing jaunt, hop into the Konga Lazy River and just float for a while. When your energy begins to fail you, but you arent ready to head home, take advantage of Pizza Pier or the Snack Shack. Then hop back into the water-loving party! If youve had enough of the water attractions, then take a meandering walk through Celebration Square. Here you will find street games, fish feeding, the Soaring Eagle 100 zip line, and a literal smorgasbord of rides and entertainment. You can even enjoy the experience of winter tubing on the dry tube track! There is a live Pirate Diving Show where you can view showman divers on an 80 high-dive! Its a comedy show, and caters not just to entertaining the kiddies. If youve brought some littlies with you, then take them to the Sea lion show to meet Stella, Kitty, and Rose! These friendly and adorable sea lions will teach you all about how to recycle and dispose of garbage properly, while putting on a show with serious splash power. We all know that waste management, if handled improperly, can cause all manner of havoc for marine wildlife. Who wants to be a part of that?! Once youve all learned how to take care, haul the little ones over to Kiddie Land for some exhausting, nap-inducing rides. Im sure youll be ready to lie down and catch some Zs in no time! Before you head back to your Parkland WA apartments, dont miss stopping in to the Old West, and making a run in the bumper cars, or the Pirate Ship. Make sure to strap on your shoes, because most of these rides require them. Make your final pit stop into Northwest Territory for some final ride adventures, and then stumble your shaky legs on home. You can bet itll be a nap well deserved by then.