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Spot-busting at Canyon Park

It can be a little frightening living on borrowed carpet sometimes, but it doesnt have to be! Perhaps youve taken a look around your place, and seen a spot or two that youre afraid might have eaten your security deposit. Are you nervous about those sticky wax drops that solidified after that tiny candle mishap? Do those red wine stains from your post-breakup therapy session with Jill make you cringe? What about those dark grease stains from moving your stove out to clean? What you may not realize is that they might not really be stains. All is not lost! It might be your lucky day in your soon-to-be pristine Parkland Washington apartments. In order to remove melted wax from carpet, the Family Handyman recommends getting a butter knife, vacuum cleaner, a cloth towel, an iron, and some carpet stain remover. Plug in the iron and have it set to high. Gently remove the bigger chunks of wax with a butter knife. Carefully trim off any fuzz with scissors, and then place a damp towel over the spot. Place the hot iron over the towel and let sit for up to 30 seconds. This will cause a transfer of the wax from the carpet to the towel. Continue as needed, until all wax is lifted. Follow up with the carpet cleaner and vacuum when dry. Moving on to removing red wine stains gets a little trickier! A long-standing solution involves dousing the spot with club soda or mineral water immediately after its hit. Then you soak up the stain with clean paper towels, removing as much liquid as possible. Mix up a cleaning solution using dish soap and hydrogen peroxide; squirt it over the stain. Give the spot another paper towel blotting, and voila! If you arent able to address the stain right away, just douse it with a hefty serving of salt. This will keep the stain from setting, and once your guests leave, begin with the mineral water and continue the same process. For wine stains that are more long-standing, try dabbing them with foaming shave cream. This has been touted as a miracle worker on many stain-buster forums. When it comes to grease on your carpet, this might seem funny, but find yourself a good degreaser. Most dish soaps are full of degreasing agents that wont be harmful to carpet fibers. Ive personally used Foamazing several times, in conjunction with a carpet cleaner, and was pleased with the results on my cream colored rug! If you have darker colored carpet, it might be wise to test before going full-bore, though. Have you been troubled by strange and unexplainable colorations on your floor in the middle of the night, experienced feelings of dread in your living room, or felt like you were being haunted by a drop of wine you spilled three months ago? Forget the Ghostbusters and search the web! There are solutions to just about every stain problem - even bloodstains, but those could still warrant a call to the Ghostbusters. Hey, it might just be nail polish or paint! In any case, its time to work up a process for your unknown stain eradication needs in your Puyallup Washington apartments.