Places to Travel to

a commercial airline airplane flies above a city and the ocean

Have you ever wanted to get out of the country? Though there are many picturesque areas in the United States, traveling out of the country can provide you with unique experiences with different cultures and people! In this week's Canyon Park Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of countries to visit if you were to get out of your Puyallup, WA apartment and do some traveling.


Widely known to be one of the cleanest countries to visit, Singapore has a host of other reasons why you should make it a priority on your itinerary. Having grown from its humble roots as a trading post into a bustling metropolis of commerce and trade, Singapore is home to a culturally diverse population living in harmony, a variety of shopping options, and delicious food. Visit Orchard Road for some shopping or enjoy the luxurious infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands. Singapore is a perfect destination for some luxury traveling!  


Though there are many stories about dangerous animals and insects in Australia, that shouldn’t deter you from visiting this amazing destination! From their tropical forests to the beautiful beaches, you’ll be surrounded by panoramas of beautiful scenery. You can also visit unique places like Kangaroo Island, go shark cage diving, and even go skiing. If you love adventure, beautiful vistas and Koalas, Australia is the place to travel to.


There is a lot of rich history surrounding the country of Germany. (Did you know that Berlin was named ‘most fun’ city in 2014?). Germany is a great destination for tourists, especially during the summer. There are various resorts along the miles of coastline where you can bathe in the sun and enjoy the water! With many museums and other sights to see and events like Oktoberfest, there will be plenty to do when you visit the beautiful country of Germany.