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Picking Up a New Hobby

tubes of paint next to a paint brush

As the year is still brand new, there is no better time to start a new hobby than right now! This week on Canyon Park Blog, we have tips to help make your process of choosing a new hobby to enjoy a little bit easier. As you decide on a new way to spend some of your free time, make sure to take into consideration your expectations about the following:


An important element to consider before you invest your energy into a new hobby is how much time you are looking to spend doing it. You may be willing and able to dedicate an hour or two to your hobby each day, but it’s possible you only have an hour or two a week instead. On top of time you have to spend on it each week, think about the time of year as well. Is January the best time to start picking up beach volleyball? Probably not. Whatever amount of time you have to spend on a new hobby, there is bound to be a hobby for you.


In addition to time, it’s crucial that you know how much you’re willing to spend on a given hobby before you get roped in. There are plenty of free virtual hobbies you can take up, while others might require you to purchase gear, memberships, supplies, and more. There is no wrong answer to how much you’re willing to spend because it is your choice. However, setting a budget can help you decide which hobbies are realistic and sustainable at the moment.

Interaction with Others

Have you considered how much interaction with others you’d like to have while you’re participating in your hobby? If you have a desk job with minimal social contact, you might be looking to participate in something with a group of other people. However, if you talk to people all day long, it might be more relaxing for you to pick something you can do without having to associate with anyone else while you do it.

Level of Challenge

Finally, it would be to your benefit to think about how challenging you’d like your new hobby to be. One of the reasons hobbies are so beneficial in our lives is because they present us with challenges in a low-stress way, and they often include problems we truly want to solve or progress we actually want to make. But at the same time, if other areas of your life are currently presenting you with enough challenges, there are plenty of relaxing hobbies that might be more rejuvenating at the moment.

We hope these tips help you pick a new hobby that you can enjoy near your Puyallup, WA apartment! Thanks for reading.