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Parks to Check Out in Puyallup

a dirt pathway line by large trees


Have you had the chance to explore the many parks of Puyallup, WA? Since summer weather is officially here, we here at Canyon Park Blog are highlighting four of the many public parks that we think you’ll enjoy visiting. Whether you’re looking to play baseball, go for a walk, have a picnic, or go fishing in a pond, Puyallup’s diverse parks have something to offer everyone. Take a quick look at the following:

Bradley Lake Park

“The City of Puyallup voters approved a bond issue in 1997 to purchase this 59-acre undeveloped park site which included a 12-acre lake. Located in the center of the city, this park now includes fishing areas, walking trails, a covered picnic area, 2 youth ballfields and an inclusive playground. Fishing is restricted to juveniles (under the age of 15), seniors, and disabled persons who possess a designated harvester companion card.”

DeCoursey Park

“DeCoursey community park is situated on over seven acres and includes a pond, two piers, a picnic shelter, restrooms, and a playground. DeCoursey Pond is open only to juveniles (under 15) for fishing from the fourth Saturday in April through November 30. The Pond offers good harvest opportunity for stocked rainbow trout.”

Pioneer Park

“Located in downtown Puyallup, this two-acre park has a statue of Ezra Meeker (a pioneer citizen), a Veteran's Memorial, tot lot, wading pool, grassy area, benches, and mature trees.This park is located right next to the library. The Pioneer Park pavilion, a large rental facility is now located at the park. The Puyallup Farmers Market is held at this park during the spring and summer months.”

Wildwood Park

“This park contains 80 lush acres - 55 of which are naturally forested. Other attractions include a playground, two youth ballfields, 12 covered picnic shelters, a day camp facility, exercise trails, several paths, a caretaker's house, and a historic water reservoir.”


As you can see, there are plenty of beautiful places to explore outside of your apartment, right here in our city. We hope you can visit as many of these parks as possible this summer!