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National Tortilla Chip Day

a bowl of tortilla chips surrounded by sunflowers and peppers and cooking ingredients

The 24th of this month is National Tortilla Chip Day, and we here at Canyon Park Apartments want to help you celebrate it! There are hundreds of brands and styles of tortilla chips out there, and while we won’t be able to cover them all, we’d like to highlight four different chips for four different reasons. Keep reading to find the perfect chip for the things you love!

The Salt Lover

If you love a salty chip, then Tostitos Crispy Rounds is the right kind for you. They have enough salt to where eating them plain is perfectly tasty, but they also work well with the right salsa or salsa con queso. If you like less sodium on your food then you’ll probably prefer another chip, so be aware of that going into your tortilla chip eating session!

The Guacamole Lover

Are you looking for a chip that can withstand the weight of the heaviest guacamole? Mission Tortilla Strips are ready to get the job done. In fact, these chips have the right amount of salt to perfectly accompany the creaminess of your guac, so they might just transform your entire snacking experience. If you whip up a bowl of fresh guacamole this month, make sure to buy a bag of these to go with it!

The Homemade Chip Lover

Sometimes your average bag of store bought tortilla chips just doesn’t cut it. Lucky for you, On The Border Café Style chips always taste like they were made fresh at a restaurant! Buy a bag of these to accompany a fresh salsa or eat them plain! They have the right amount of salt and grease to make a tasty snack on their own.

The Bargain Lover

The best price we’ve seen on tortilla chips is hands down Santitas Tortilla Triangles. They’re consistently priced at around two dollars almost anywhere you go, and they have everything a good chip needs! They’re salty enough, crunchy enough, and they work well for dipping. These might just be the best day-to-day chips out there!

Do you agree with our choices? Let our Puyallup, WA apartment community know your favorite chips in the comments below!