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Managing Your Work from Home Workspace

Work from home set up with child and toys in the foreground while parent works in the background; Thanks to Charles Deluvio for sharing their work on Unsplash.

If you are working from home these days, or considering, how you set up your workspace can have a big impact on your productivity. Today, the Canyon Park Blog is sharing some ideas about how to arrange your space to enhance your ability to work effectively. 

If possible, create the same setup you have at the office. Having all of the things you are used to accessing will save time and be less disruptive than setting up something completely new (although, if it’s possible you may want to invest in an additional monitor or two if you’re not already using multiple monitors — a word of warning though, if you do go to multiple monitors, you won’t ever want to go back to a single screen). 

Choose a designated space for your work area. A desk would be best, but if that’s not possible, a dedicated table, so you don’t have to set up and take things down every day is optimal. Make sure you have a comfortable chair that you can adjust to the height of the table or desk. 

When you are working from home it is easy to forget to take breaks. If need be, set an alarm to go off every few hours to remind you to stretch and walk around for a few minutes. Be sure to take a lunch break — away from your desk. Take time to get outside and get some fresh air during your workday too.

It’s perhaps more difficult to achieve, but at the end of the day, leave work, at work, and switch gears. This will help you keep work at work (even if it’s at home).  

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read our post. We’re glad you’re a part of our Puyallup, WA apartment community.


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