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Making Your Own Holiday Decorations

Holiday ornaments

If you haven’t gotten around to decorating your apartment for the holidays yet this season, then today’s Canyon Park Apartments Blog post is just for you! This week, we’re bringing you some simple DIY holiday decoration ideas that will have your home looking classy and festive for any holiday gatherings you might be hosting. Read on for a few of our top suggestions!

Lighted Burlap Garland

Rather than simply hanging up a few strands of lights, make them look one step more festive with this tutorial! By tying small pieces of holiday-colored burlap around a strand of lights, you can add the perfect rustic touch to that charming warmth that comes from holiday lights. It doesn’t cost that much more money or take that much skill, and we think the final product looks great!

Petite Tree

Are you either limited on space for a holiday tree or low on time to maintain one? Never fear, because there are plenty of other options. This petite tree may not even be a pine tree at all, but don’t worry. By placing a dead branch or two in a stylish jar and hanging holiday ornaments from them, this decoration is definitely reminiscent of a holiday tree and can provide a similar feel of holiday cheer.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

We imagine you’ve been making paper snowflakes since your childhood, so if you’re looking for another way to create these classic winter and holiday symbols, try out these popsicle stick snowflakes this season! By arranging wooden popsicle sticks in the right geometric shapes, attaching them together with glue, and painting them white, you will have great looking snowflakes to hang in your windows or wherever you choose. The fun part is, since snowflakes are a winter decoration in general, you can leave them up through January!


We hope that one or more of these simple tutorials will help you to get your Puyallup, WA apartment looking merry and bright for the holidays. Thanks for reading!