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Idea List: Books to Read

If you’re finding yourself with extra time on your hands, we’ve got a way to use it up. Read a book! Anytime is a great time to start a reading challenge, and this week, the Canyon Park Blog is going to offer you 10 types of books you can read to enlighten you and take you to different worlds.

1. A book that’s won an award.

It will help you see firsthand what makes great writing and storytelling, whatever genre or type you choose.

2. A coming-of-age book.

We’ve all gone through it, but in ways as different as the next person.

3. Something recommended by a librarian.

Who better to get recommendations from than someone whose job it is to know books?

4. A memoir.

Reading about someone’s real life struggles and triumphs can help you find ways to deal with your own.

5. A book longer than 500 pages.

You may already be in the habit of doing this, but if you’re not, push yourself and take pride in your fortitude when you finish! It may be easier than you think, too.

6. A classic romance.

Reading a love story from another era could give you an appreciation for how things were, but also for how things are now!

7. A book set in the future.

It doesn’t have to be dystopian, but even if it is, it could be an adventure.

8. A self-help book.

Working on constant self-improvement is a skill and a lifelong task many could benefit from.

9. A book that takes place in space.

Space movies are great; just think of the sort of things you can learn and imagine through reading inspiring, entertaining space books.

10. A business or finance book.

Constantly improve yourself, your career, and your finances by learning from those who have found the keys to success.

Remember to enjoy the reading challenge. If one of these categories doesn’t suit your tastes, there are countless other books you can find that you’re sure to love. 

We hope you find success, fulfillment, and learning by reading these books and any others! Thanks for being a part of our apartment community here in Puyallup, WA.