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Hiking Near Your Puyallup Apartment

Its really no secret that I get freakishly giddy this time of year. Its not so much the excessive rain, but more the lovely scent it leaves behind. The rainbows begin living above your South Hill Washington apartments, and you cant help feeling like there just might be gold out there. It took me years to realize that just because its been raining, does not mean I am confined to quarters. Its time to go out and get your groove on with nature, because now is when it is at its most rejuvenating. You just so happen to live in and around some very pristine and lovely hiking grounds, and it would be a pity not to take advantage. I would recommend taking a 30 minute drive, and taking on the Dash Point State Park Hiking Trail. You can download the application EveryTrail, and have this as well as thousands more documented trails at your fingertips. Dash Point lies within an area you are so close to, yet youve likely never visited. Hiking is guaranteed to get your blood pumping, and leave you feeling invigorated, and alive. Youll see this, as you make a go of Heartattack Hill. The distance is about 3.6 miles, at 406 ft. elevation. You will need a Discover Pass that costs a mere $10. Recommended parking lies just north of the campground entrance station, just follow the signs. Dash Point is also a waterfront access point, so you could make a day of it, while enjoying the seaside fresh air. Another great hiking option is to drop in on Saltwater State Park. This is a gorgeous waterfront excursion, where you can camp, picnic and hike. The hike itself is only 2.5 miles, and takes roughly an hour, depending on your pace. Its incredibly green, and it offers a few strategically placed wooden benches and both covered as well as uncovered picnic tables. Its absolutely beautiful, and youll want to skip along the trails like the little faun you know that you are. Dont forget to check out the burial site of the hatchet that was literally placed beneath the dirt, when Tacoma & Seattle decided to curb their unhealthy competitive natures. You can check out some crazy cool marine life in the tide pools on the waters edge, or the seasonal spawning behaviors of the salmon in McSorley Creek. One of the more incredible attractions to this waterfront park, is the artificial reef, where you can scuba or snorkel to observe all sorts of pretty fish in their very own underwater abodes. If you enjoy yourself, then its probably a good idea to invest in a $30 annual pass. Its highly likely that once you try it, youll want to buy it. This pass is good for all Washington State Parks, wildlife areas, water-access points, and DNR recreation sites. Its really worth it to visit these parks, especially when they are so close to your Puyallup Washington apartments! Grab your knapsack and some water, and head out for some wild adventures in the great outdoors.