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Games to Play for Game Night

a close-up image of the monopoly board, featuring the ship piece on the


Summer is the perfect time to host a game night! This week on our Canyon Park Blog, we’ll share with you some board and card games you could try while you host a game night at your apartment in Puyallup, WA.


Do you like firework shows? In this easy-to-learn card game, band together to place your firework cards in the correct order to create a crowd-pleasing display. Oh, there’s only one catch: you can’t see your own cards! By giving clues to the other players, play your cards in the correct order — but do it quickly, before the fuse is set off!


Settlers of Catan

In this fan-favorite board game, take the role of a settler establishing colonies. Your main objective is to build roads, settlements, and cities using the natural resources you have around you. Ultimately, you want to get 10 victory points. Settlers of Catan allows for you to barter and trade all that you need to in order to achieve your goals. You can be sneaky or honest, but that depends on how you want to play! This game is great for three to four players and takes approximately 45 to 90 minutes.


Betrayal at House on the Hill

Take a journey through a haunted mansion and find out what’s lurking inside! Betrayal at House on the Hill starts with the exploration phase, where everyone stays on the same team and explores the house together, then moves into the haunt phase when a player triggers it. This phase has lots of scenarios that can be set off by different players. Anyone can be the “traitor”, but it’s usually the person that triggered the haunt. Follow the objectives and achieve your victory goal as either a player or the “traitor.”


Do you have a favorite group game? Let our apartment community know what it is in the comments below! Thanks for reading this week’s post, and have a great game night.