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Films to See This Fall


a crowd of people sitting in their seats at the movie theater

Canyon Park Apartments Blog officially welcomes you to the fall season! We hope this season brings with it new opportunities and adventures here in Puyallup, WA. To get you ready for some of the best new entertainment over the next few months, today’s post is dedicated to must-see films coming to a theater near you! Whether you prefer biopics, dramas, supervillain flics, or well-anticipated sequels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this season. Don’t miss the following movies:

 Joker - October 4th

After a variety of different actors playing the role of Joker over the years, Joaquin Phoenix settles in as the newest one to take on the challenge — this time, in the first-ever movie centered around the supervillain himself. Watch the Joker become the notoriously wicked character as he falls further into mental insanity. 

Harriet - November 1st

This season of biopics brings the story of one of America’s greatest heroes to the big screen: Harriet Tubman. Cynthia Erivo plays Harriet, depicting her time freeing countless slaves through the Underground Railroad. Of this, she says, “I want to make sure that people get to see this woman as a woman, as a human. She was a superhero, but she was heart first.”

Honey Boy - November 8th

Upon receiving raving reviews at Sundance, Shia LeBeouf’s semi-autobiographical film makes its way to theaters this November. In this surrealist film, join Lucas Hedges as he portrays a character facing a messy relationship with his father, navigating fame blindly, and battling with PTSD. 

Frozen II - November 22nd

Get ready for the most anticipated sequel of the year! In this second installment of the wildly successful animated feature from 2013, Frozen, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are at it again as they venture out of Arendelle to try and locate the original source of Elsa’s powers. With the fate of the whole kingdom on the line, Frozen II is sure to entertain fans both young and old. Plus, it hits theaters just in time for Thanksgiving! 

Which new release are you most excited for this fall? Let our community know by leaving a comment below.