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Father’s Day

Father's Day Block cut with a cup of coffee on a desk.

Welcome back to Canyon Park apartments blog! It’s June and that means Father’s Day will soon be here. Are you ready? Today we are featuring tips for how to honor your father (or father figure) this month. Plus we have some great gift ideas too. 


A gift that harkens back to your childhood or even your father’s younger years can be a hit. Was there a particular hobby you shared? Perhaps choose something that reminds you (and him) of that time spent together. Did you share a love of collecting baseball cards with your Dad, get one to add to his collection. Did you listen to vinyl records together? Get him a record player and some records from the past. If you’re going to go with a mug, instead of “World’s Greatest Dad” have one made featuring a favorite photo of the two of you. 


While getting an appliance or tool is probably not the best gift idea for women in your life, for the fathers (or other men) in your life, it can be a highly appreciated gesture. Before you get it though, do some research. Check into the brand of tools he likes, find out what he already has and what he might need. Some sleuthing may be in order! If tools are completely out of your realm of experience, get the advice of a trusted friend about what to get. 

Gift of Time 

Spending time together may be the best gift you could give to your Dad. While we may not be able to spend time together physically, send a letter with your gift or in a card expressing appreciation for all your father has done for you and what he means to you. Be specific, recount memories and what they taught you. If writing isn’t your thing, make a phone call or do a Facetime, Zoom, or Google Chat, and spend some time connecting with your father. He’s sure to be pleased. 

Whether the father figure in your life lives close by in Puyallup, WA, or not, it’s a great gesture to spend a little time making or buying something special for him. Happy Father’s Day from your Canyon Park apartment community!