Enjoy a Successful Thanksgiving

Candles with a background of pumpkins, leaves and other fall related items

Thanksgiving can be a stressful day, especially when you’re the one hosting friends and family. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a fun day, so we’ve decided to share with you some ways you can enjoy a successful Thanksgiving in this week’s Canyon Park Apartments Blog.


Make it a Potluck

The largest point of stress for the Thanksgiving holiday is the amount of food that one needs to make to accommodate others. Relieve yourself of that stress by making your lunch or dinner a potluck. Invite your guests to bring their favorite side dish or dessert to complement the main dish you’ll be making. As another option, you can invite some guests over to help you prepare the meal, that way you can spend additional time with your friends as well as get the food prepared.


Get an Early Start

Throwing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner/lunch can take time, so get an early start. There are a variety of ways to save you time on Thanksgiving day itself but here are some of our favorites:


Make the Gravy Early

Every minute counts, so we suggest making your gravy the day before and freeze it! A flour based gravy keeps for up to 4 months in the freezer, but you’ll only need it to freeze it for the night before it all gets consumed by your hungry party.


Dice Your Vegetables the Night Before

If you have any dishes that require the use of vegetables, take the time the night before to dice them up and place them in containers for easy access when you’re making your delicious meal.



Spruce up your home before the dinner by decorating your Puyallup, WA apartment with some fun decor! Put out some pumpkins, candles, and fall wreaths to set the mood. Though a small gesture, your party will be made a little better with some fun autumn decorations!