Dress for the Cold Weather

stack of folded sweaters

Summer is over and the cold weather is here. Prepare yourself adequately by dressing well for the weather to ensure that you don’t catch a cold or that you’re not miserable through the day. In this week’s Canyon Park Apartments Blog, we’ve gathered a list of tips on dressing for the cold that we hope will help you keep warm and look stylish this fall in Puyallup, WA!


Now that the summer is over, you’re no longer restricted on layering your clothing due to the hot weather. Take this opportunity to pick clothes that not only look great layered, but also provide you with warmth! Keep in mind that with the layering of clothing, you can get uncomfortable quickly if it gets too warm. So choose outer layers that you can easily remove like a bigger sweater or even a vest.


Wearing the right accessory can provide additional warmth. Not only do these accessories warm you up during the cold months, they can also add a stylish touch to your outfits. Some common accessories are beanies, scarves, and mittens, so invest in some that you like and look good in!

Make it Functional and Stylish

During the colder months, it’s important to find articles of clothing that are not only stylish but that are also functional. If it does end up snowing, you’re going to want some clothes that can handle the snowfall. Invest in shoes that have good grip to keep you from slipping. You want to be able to trudge through snow and slush if you need to without too much worry.

Keep warm this fall by following our tips! If we missed any crucial ideas, or if you have extra ones for our apartment community to benefit from, leave a comment below letting us know how you keep warm in the fall!