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Custom Guitars Right Here in Puyallup

As a guitarist, few things excite me as much as playing a finely crafted instrument. I remember, as a teen, leaving my Puyallup, WA apartments early, only to spend the entire Saturday at Ted Brown Music, over on Meridian. There I would sit, playing the different styles and brands of guitars, until I was asked to leave. I loved comparing the sound and feel of guitars made in various styles and materials. Going back and forth between the nimble, shredability of a King V to the laid-back, bluesy feel of a semi-hollowbody, and more. As time went on, my standards of quality were refined somewhat. No longer was it enough to play the most expensive guitar in the store; I needed something unique, something custom. I began a search for custom guitar manufacturers and was pleased to find a few great options right here in Puyallup! Warmoth Custom Guitars is an incredible resource for custom guitar and bass parts. The body and neck builder tools on their website are what set them apart. Users are guided through the process of building a guitar step by step. You can choose from solid or chambered construction, the style of wood, and countless other features like pickup, controls and input jack routing options. Not only that, but their painting services are top of the line. Take one look at their gallery and youll see countless examples of beautifully painted guitars that look wet to the touch! USA Custom Guitars is another quality instrument manufacturer in Puyallup. Their selection is not quite as wide as that of Warmouth, but they make up for it with the DIY section of their website. This is for the real guitar enthusiasts who are no longer content playing other peoples works of art; for those who seek to understand every aspect of their instrument. Here, you can get guitar and bass blanks (think pinewood derby kits, but for grown-ups), fingerboards and dot inlays to craft a guitar that is truly unlike any other. Maybe you cant afford a Montgomery Ward Airline like Jack White; you can always build your own tribute to this iconic instrument! USA Custom Guitars has everything you need to build a guitar that is every bit as unique as you are. While both of these companies are located within a relatively short distance of Canyon Park apartments for rent in Puyallup, WA, they are unable to accommodate walk-in customers. Never fear; their online order forms make the process simple. They both encourage customers to call before placing orders to make sure you get what you are looking for. So, if you are in the market for a guitar, and want something a little different from the typical Stratocaster, give one of these local merchants a call. Theyll help you get your dream instrument in no time at all.