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Celebrate Earth Day!

someone holding up a small ball in one hand that looks like the earth.

Next Monday, April 22nd, is Earth Day! Have you thought about what you are going to do to observe it yet? If you haven’t, this week’s post on Canyon Park Apartments Blog is dedicated to giving you a few simple ideas to help you take better care of our wonderful Earth. Try one of these suggestions out at your Puyallup, WA apartment or wherever else you might be on Earth Day this year:


Ditch Your Car

Do you drive your car to work every day? This Earth Day, consider taking an alternate form of transportation. If the weather is nice and your office isn’t far, trying walking to work for a change. If your commute isn’t short enough to walk, you could ride your bike to work or take public transportation. While it’s often more convenient and quick to drive, choosing one of these alternatives will help reduce CO2 emissions, and it will prolong the life of your car as well. You might even think about leaving your car at home once or twice each week!

Fix a Leak

Leaky sinks, pipes, or shower heads may be annoying, and they also waste an unnecessary amount of water, and they increase your utility bill. For those who have experience with fixing leaks, take the time this Earth Day to do so. If you’ve never fixed one before, submit a maintenance request on resident portal and let a professional handle the leak. It will help conserve water, and it will save you some money as well!

Get a Reusable Bottle

Between disposable water bottles, coffee cups, and soda cups, we produce far too much unnecessary waste every day. If one of these drinks is part of your daily ritual — water should be if it already isn’t — then why not reduce your need for single-use plastics by purchasing a reusable bottle or cup? They usually last multiple years, even if you use them every day. Think about how many plastic water bottles you would use in a two-year period if you didn’t have a reusable bottle!


Do you have any other suggestions for celebrating Earth Day? Let our community know by leaving a comment below.