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Ahoy! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day

Old fashioned sailing ship on calm sea with blue skies and clouds.

It’s September and the 19th day of the month is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so prepare to walk the plan. . . errr, hear some piratical language  — words like blimey, ahoy, and swab for instance. To get a jump and be ready to talk like a pirate to get in on the fun, Canyon Park Blog has pulled together some piratical resources for members of our apartment community here in Puyallup, WA — so blow the man down! 

Talk Like a Pirate Day came from humble beginnings — while playing racquetball, John Bauer and Mark Summers began to talk to each other in “pirate-speak" and after leaving the court, they decided that there was a need to create a day for everyone to talk like a pirate. Their efforts remained localized until they contacted humor columnist, Dave Barry. The rest, as they say, is history. You can read the original column here

Talking like a pirate takes a bit of practice, but with the right terminology at your fingertips, you can be a pro in no time. We’ve included this Pirate Glossary to give you a foot up in preparation for the big day. We bet you’ll learn things about pirates, ships, and the seven seas that you didn’t know before.  

Watching a fun pirate-themed movie is another way to celebrate the day. Loosely based on the famous pirate Blackbeard, Disney’s Blackbeard’s Ghost, is a good choice. The movie, a comedy which came out in 1968, puts Peter Ustinov as the famous pirate's ghost that returns to the twenty-first century. Blackbeard has been cursed by his last wife, who was a notorious witch, so that he will never die. The only way to "break" the curse is to do (for once in his life) a good deed. The question is, is the famous pirate capable of doing something good? 

This list billed as the “Complete List of Every Pirate Movie Ever Made,” is a good resource for additional pirate-themed movies to watch. 

However you plan to celebrate, we encourage our residents to have fun with this holiday! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.


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